We are expert in Sports Physio and Varmam Therapy.

40 years of experience in Coaching and organizing Track and field events, general Fitness and specific fitness for other sports

We are one of the leading sports and fitness coaching academies in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We provide training for Track and field events to school and college students, school dropouts, veteran athletes and public. General fitness and weight loss programmes to office goers, homemakers and senior citizens. In addition, unique specific fitness programs for racquet and ball games (Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Football, Hockey, Volleyball etc.). Our well-trained and experienced coaches provide personalized training programs and individual attention after identifying the unique strength and weakness of every athlete.

Economy in loco motor motion, Efficiency in running mechanism and economical energy expenditure is a crucial factor for achieving high-level performance. Over 40 years of experience and  enormous knowledge in Training methods, Bio mechanics and Kinesiology  will definitely beneficial to anyone  in improving their aerobic and anaerobic endurance, Strength, Power, speed, agility and mobility.

We also provide corporate fitness and training programs for aspiring marathon runners to complete their first 5k, 10k, half and full Marathon.

In our social responsibility programmes, we adopt and train the school dropouts in track and field events. Government school students are selected and trained for physical fitness tests to enter in uniform services (Police, Army, Navy and Air force) after their completion of secondary and higher secondary education at free of cost.

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