Fitness Evaluation and Setting Goals

Every good exercise program begins with evaluating and setting goals. Initial Fitness Evaluations (IFE) is important in determining your current fitness level, setting realistic goals, evaluating progress, and keeping you motivated.

Initial Fitness Evaluation consists of:

  1. Body Weight
  2. Height Measurement
  3. Waist to Hip Ratio
  4. Body mass Index
  5. Body Fat Percentage using skin fold calipers
  6.  Cardiovascular Endurance.(Step Test)
  7. Muscular Strength. Tests for upper and lower body
  8. Muscular Endurance Test for abdominal strength
  9. Balance Assessment.
  10. Flexibility Test

The results of the IFE will show us your strengths and weaknesses and give us a baseline for your current fitness level. Based on these result individual training programme will be framed to help you set realistic goals and develop an exercise program that will achieve these goals.