Medical Varmology

Medical Varmology is an ancient medical system among the Indian medicines. It has its own fully developed principles of functional anatomy and physiology. The basic principles of Medical varmology are to prevent the onslaught of diseases and its management.


The subtle energy that functions in the body is known as Varmam. Varmam is the manifestation of subtle energy the basic five elements (Iym Bootham), three bio-humours (vali, azhal, iyam), ten vital airs (Vali 10), ten bio-energy transmitter pathways (Naadis), vital energy (Vaasi) and Kundalin. The place where the energies reside and activate both body and life are called varmam points. There are 108 varmam points in the body according to majority of the varmam texts out of which 12 are Padu varmam and 96 are Thodu varmams.


Varmam points are located in Nerves and Naadies, Muscles and Bones.


Varmam points can perform a maximum of ten functions. But all the varmam points will not perform all the ten functions. Each varmam points will do a minimum of one or two functions. Each varmam point functions with its specific length, width and shape.

The functions are: Receiving and sending the energy, Activating and pumping the energy, Strengthening and separating the energy, Creating and increasing the energy, Modifying and leaping the energy.


When any one function of the varmam points is affected it will result in disease in the body. These functional disturbances are known as diseases in medical varmology. When a varmam points is affected, the part of the body in which it is located, and the other parts which relate to that part, will develop disease symptoms. Other reason for varmam related injuries is Lifting heavy loads, Excessive pleasure, sorrow, Excessive sleep, Accidents, engaging in fights, Giving birth to a child.


Diagnosis based on vatha, pitha, silaethuma units is the common methodology for all common Indian medical systems. The signs and symptoms of varmam points are also related to vatha, pitha and silaethumam.


Medical varmology includes few types of medical protocols to treat diseases.

  1. Stimulation of varmam points,
  2. Herbal treatment,
  3. Extracts of living organism as medicine,
  4. Astronomical treatment and
  5. Tantric treatment.

Among the above Stimulation of varmam points is the basic medical method. According to medical varmology, a varmam point can be stimulated in twelve ways.

Treatment procedure will be carried out by activating the affected varamam point after assessing the positives and negatives of each varmam points.


Physical exercise is performed for various reasons. It is done to enhance or maintain physical fitness for general health and wellness or to achieve high level sports performance. It includes strengthening the muscles, the cardio vascular system, neuromuscular coordination, weight loss or maintenance, as well as for refreshment and enjoyment.

Competitive sports and injury are synonyms. It requires high level of physical, mental and psychological fitness for a podium finish. More than 10,000 patients are treated every day in Emergency cares for sports and recreational injuries. So, what are the key steps to encourage sports man to be active and to compete, while also ensuring that they’re injury free?

There are many ways of treating sports injuries. Most commonly approached method is Allopathic treatment. There are other solutions to the injury issues. We specialize in the Varmam treatment which has no side effects and long-term solution to injuries and prevention of injuries.

Ancient text of varmam books have many references about the sports injuries and the management injuries to the knee, ankle, foot, bog toe, back, neck, wrist, sprains, strains and dislocations of joints.

Various other disorders that can be cured with the help of varmam therapy are:

Nerves weakness, Body shivering, Disk prolapsed, Dehydration, Cervical spondylosis, Head ache, Sciatic Problems, Eye problems, Bone joints and arthritics, Gland disorders (like Diabetes, etc.) Etc.

Mental stress plays a vital role in majority of diseases faced today by both men and women, school children, house wife and retired people. Prolonged Mental stress may lead to fatal diseases. In probing and treating mental stress, the chemistry of the brain plays vital role in such diseases. Besides involvement of brain, personality factors also lead to some mental stress like anxiety, over sensitiveness, fear, sadness, disappointment, too much tension, lack of energy, excessive haste, anger and emotional outburst also cause many mental diseases. Too much stress results in the sign of rapid heartbeat, headache, stiff neck, indigestion, drinking and smoking more, tight shoulders, loss of concentration, high sensitivity to criticism, increased irritability, early morning waking and difficulty getting to sleep. Prolonged Mental stress may lead to fatal diseases.

Counseling and Varmam points manipulation play significant role in bring down the mental Stress through change of life pattern towards peaceful sound health and mind.